Robotics Lab  

The Robotics lab is well equipped with educational Robotic kits named Boe-bots, personal computers etc. A complete set of electronic components including LEDs, sensors, IR detectors, touch sensors etc are provided to enable the students to design and build new add-on features to the basic Robot(Boe-bot), for conducting different experiments. Some indigenous attachments such as 

  1. Remote Control Facility
  2. Pen Attachment
  3. LED Matrix Display
  4. Seven Segment Display

Are used creatively for performing various activities like Boe-Bot car, light follower tracker etc.

Students have begun to think in new ways, ask questions and explore new vistas. It encourages creative and lateral thinking and helps develop logical aptitude. The students enjoy experimenting with objects and new ideas. They apply the knowledge of Maths, Science and Computer Programming to solve activities in the club thereby developing a scientific temperament.

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