Curriculum Research Centre  

The Curriculum Research Centre is an effort to motivate and energize faculties and is dedicated to serve as a Centre for innovative and creative development. 

The goals of the Curriculum Research Centre are to: 

  • Strengthen collaboration among teachers across disciplines 
  • Provide resources to create quality learning materials 
  • Provide professional development, training, and support 
  • Make available computers and other technologies for use and training 
  • Improve the quality of teaching at the school 

The Curriculum Research Centre provides the atmosphere and structure to promote sharing and increased understanding of resources, ideas, methods, approaches, information, and materials among educators.

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SECTOR-14 CAMPUS PHONE NO- 0124-4255976,0124-4082268, 7290055777


SECTOR-10A CAMPUS PHONE NO- 0124-4141591, 7290055778



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